Apple Earnings Call liveblog: We’ll be there!


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Apple is set to announce their quarterly earnings for the fourth fiscal quarter this Monday the 28th at 2PM Pacific / 5PM Eastern. We’ll be listening in on the call and posting the latest information as it’s released.

This quarter should be a particularly interesting one as it follows a slew of new product releases. We should hear some details on how these products are performing, and I’m sure that the executive team will be grilled on the iPhone 5C by investors. Little information has been given about current iPhone sales beyond combined sales figures of the 5s and 5C. An update on these combined sales figures is also expected.

iPad sales are down, though you wouldn’t know it from Apple’s chart at the iPad event. Apple will likely detail how it expects the iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display to reverse the downward trend.

Apple’s previous guidance for the fourth quarter estimates revenue of about $37 billion, and most agree that this will be very close to the final number. This is up from $36 billion during the same quarter last year. Net profits were at $8.2 billion and are expected drop slightly to $7.96 billion this year – still an incredible amount of cash. iPhone sales are expected to rocket to 32.7 million units sold (up from 26.9 million last year). iPads should show some light sales growth, coming in at 14.5 million (up from 14 million last year). Mac sales are expected to take another hit, dropping to 4.35 million sold (down from 4.9 million last year) as sales continue to slide.

Monday’s call should be insightful but will likely lack the specific sales figures on the iPhone 5C that we all want to hear. The focus will likely fall on the new iPad lineup and how current sales, while down, are still much higher than the rest of the industry.

Check back at 2PM P/5PM E for a liveblog of the call.

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