Pictures of a rumored iPhone 5S surface

Photo courtesy of MacRumors.

Late last night some new photos of what appear to be the rumored iPhone 5S showed up online – over on MacRumors. The images purport to show a body design expectedly similar to the iPhone 5, but with an updated dual LED flash on the rear of the case.

Erica at MacRumors examined the photos and gave a great breakdown on her post. Some of her highlights include:

  • Narrow Logic Board – possibly allowing for a larger battery.
  • Unlabeled chip – maybe a new Apple A6X?
  • Slightly higher capacity battery – likely for the extra power of an upgraded chip.

Though Reuters claims that the iPhone 5S will have some sort of fingerprint technology, these updated shots provide no clues as to whether or not this might be true. I’m leaning toward it not happening. Apple hasn’t really pushed the envelope when it comes to Android-like proof-of-concept features. It’s hard to say how useful a fingerprint reader would be, and I don’t see Apple including something as “out there” as this without an incredibly good and interesting reason.

What are your thoughts? Do you see anything unexpected in those new shots? What would you like to see a fingerprint reader used for? Let us know in the comments below.

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