Nailing down the iOS 7 release date

iOS 7At WWDC this year Apple teased us with a preview of their dramatically redesigned 7th major update to iOS, iOS 7. Yesterday we explored historical data to determine that the iPhone 5S would likely come out on Friday, September 20th, 2013, and today we’re going to use the same logic to figure out when we’ll see the release of iOS 7.

Apple is fairly consistent with the release cycles for their products and software. iOS releases have seen some changes, as has the iPhone, but after compiling all of the data we believe we have nailed down the actual release date for iOS 7.

With the exception of iOS 5, Apple has released new versions of iOS an average of 101 days after announcing them to the world. That date is usually 2 days prior to the release of new iPhone hardware. iPhone OS 1, 2, and iOS 5 are the only exceptions – launching alongside a new iPhone.

Since we previously determined that the iPhone 5S will go on sale on September 20th, it’s easy to guesstimate that iOS 7 will launch two days prior, on Wednesday, September 18th, 2013. This would perfectly match the release of iOS 6, coming 100 days after announcement and two days prior to the sale of the iPhone 5.

Now we just get to wait and see!

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