How much will OS X Mavericks cost? – Updated

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.30.15 AMWhen Apple announced the latest revision of Mac OS – Mavericks – at WWDC this year, they gave us quite a peek at the new features we’ll be seeing this fall – but there was no word on what it might cost.

Recent OS X upgrades have been fairly reasonable, with Lion coming in at $29.99 and Mountain Lion costing just $19.99. The Leopard Family was priced differently, but Snow Leopard ushered in the era of cheap OS X upgrades at $29.99. It appears that Apple may be going with $29.99 for bigger releases, and $19.99 for supplemental upgrades. Snow Leopard was such a huge upgrade from Leopard – greatly improving speeds and reducing memory usage – which is probably why it cost more than Mountain Lion.

Mavericks is going to be another large overhaul to Mac OS, and can reasonably be expected to cost $29.99 when it launches this fall.

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Update 10/22: Mavericks is available for free and you can download it right now!

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  1. Wish these updates would tell us what problems we’re likely to encounter with major programs if we upgrade. I lost connectivity between my video camera and imovie for doing an upgrade; I learned my lesson the hard way, so now I don’t blindly move ahead.

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