Beautiful new Mac Pro previewed at WWDC. We’ve got the details.

Apple shocked everyone at WWDC when it revealed the radical look of its new Mac Pro. We did expect to see the Pro undergo a hardware refresh, but I don’t believe anyone expected it to look this alien. Proving they can still innovate (and saying just as much), Apple gave us a look at what may turn out to be a new generation of beautiful desktop computers. A first, Apple didn’t announce a release date for the new Mac Pro.

We’ve got the details you want after the break.

Hidden under this futuristic sheath is a true desktop powerhouse. Intel’s Haswell chips are nowhere to be seen – Apple instead choosing to offer Intel’s new-generation Xeon CPU,  and dual workstation AMD GPUs. These changes should result in 2.5x faster performance over the older Mac Pros. We don’t know which GPUs Apple will be using, but it will be sporting 4096 stream processors, 384-bit memory bus, and 528GBps total bandwidth. This thing screams.

The custom design of this desktop is striking. Taking up just 1/8th the footprint of the silver tower Mac Pro, this sleek and cylindrical updated Pro surrounds a custom “thermal core” which sucks heat through the middle and blows it out the top with a single fan.

In addition to the CPU and GPU upgrades, Thunderbolt 2 and 4K display support are also coming. Thunderbolt 2 will double the performance of Thunderbolt 1 and allow for 4K displays.

The whole top of the Mac Pro is a handle, which was announced to cheers. Remember, this guy is tiny. Spinning the machine around reveals its input and output, lighting the icons so you can easily identify what’s-what on the black body. A neat touch. You’ll find lights for HDMI, USB 3, and ethernet. I can’t imagine there’s an optical drive, but Apple sells the external SuperDrive for those that need it.

Apple didn’t give us a release date for this Made in USA Mac Pro, but Phil Schiller did say that it will be available “later this year.” Pricing was also absent, but it would be surprising to see it ship for much less than the current entry-level Mac Pro at $2499.

You can check out more information about the new Mac Pro on Apple’s beautiful website for it.

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