Tim Cook’s new top-secret Apple seems successful

Apple is one of the most secretive tech. companies of our time. Following some previous hardware and software leaks, and the death of Steve Jobs, Apple CEO Tim Cook vowed to “double down” on secrecy. His plan appears to be working. Prior to this morning, we have seen no big leaks on what WWDC will hold for us. There have been some tidbits about incremental upgrades to the MacBook Air and Mac Pro, but nothing terribly exciting.

We do know to expect a big iOS and OS X this morning, but only because Cook told us. Before AllThingsD 11 there was only generalized pure speculation. It was assumed that we would receive a big upgrade to iOS, as happens at WWDC every year, and that the design would be “flat.” That’s not giving us much. Most of the information gleaned about what is to come came at hints from Apple directly, not somebody on the outside.

People seem upset about this, but we are really just back to the way Apple used to be. Remember the original iPhone announcement? There were no reliable or major leaks prior to the official announcement. It was known that some type of phone was coming, and was supposed to be revolutionary.  Since then there have been major leaks like the iPhone 4, but that was a huge mistake and embarrassment for Apple. This was not a “leak”, per se, but the fault of one engineer getting a little too tipsy. If it weren’t for this engineer, the iPhone 4 would have been a big surprise. There was not a huge wealth of information about what the iPhone 5 would have in store for us, either. cNET provided a good round-up of the expected features, but there was nothing about the look of the iPhone 5, or the hardware that it might sport (other than an LTE radio).

Apple’s mystery is back and it’s exciting. The internet seems much more excited and eager to hear what Apple has to say this morning than after the iPhone 4 was found in bar and shown to the world. The excitement didn’t seem nearly as high for the iPhone 5, but could this be because there was no big leak to captivate us? We’re back to guessing again and it feels awesome.

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