Low-cost iPhone to come in 5 colors? Analyst says yes.

Photo by Nickolay Lamm/Matteo Gianni.

Business Insider is reporting this morning that Brian White – a Topeka Capital analyst – claims Apple is going to be releasing a lower-cost iPhone that comes in a variety of 5 different colors. This cheaper iPhone would be made mostly of plastic on the outside, likely a substantial cost savings for Apple.

White’s track record with Apple predictions is shaky, however. He recently claimed that the iPhone 5S will come in at least two different screen sizes, possibly three. This seems unlikely in the near future. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently addressed the screen size question at D11, touting the current Retina Display as “the best.” Cook also touched on some trade-offs that would need to disappear prior to Apple changing their iPhone displays – notably color quality and battery life.

In addition to the selection of screen sizes, Mr. White expects to see fingerprint reading technology built into the iPhone 5S, and an iWatch also sporting fingerprint tech. This also seems incredibly unlikely anytime soon. While there have been many reports of Apple exploring what they can do with fingerprints, there’s no hint that they’ve found a good use for it – much less are ready to launch it within the next few months.

Mr. White provided no details on what the new iPhone will actually look like, but click on the image to the right to see some great concept designs. Find out what Apple has in store for us at WWDC on Monday. Will we see the cheaper iPhone show up? We’ll be covering it!

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