Change to Genius Bar repairs allow in-store iPhone 5 screen replacements; more changes to come.

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 6.14.18 PMAccording to a MacRumors tipster, Apple has begun offering customers an in-store $150 repair option for broken iPhone 5 screens. This cost-saving measure comes after AppleInsider received and published information earlier this year on sweeping changes coming to AppleCare.

Prior to this change, customers with broken iPhones could get a refurbished iPhone in-store. Apple sent the broken one out for repairs, and later brought it back in stores as a refurbished unit for another customer. Outside of warrant and without AppleCare+ coverage, this repair used to cost $229.

Screen replacements join other in-store repair options that include home button and battery replacement. Apple reportedly plans to begin adding sleep/wake button, camera, and logic board repairs to the list in July.

By repairing phones instead of replacing them, Apple hopes to save $1 billion each year.

In addition to the suite of new in-store repair options, Apple is also planning on revamping how AppleCare+ coverage works. Soon, AppleCare will attach to a customer instead of a single device and be paid for through a recurring subscription fee. In theory, this would allow customers to set up AppleCare just once. It is not known whether the subscription would cover all devices owned by a customer, or one type of devices (iPhone, or iPad, or Mac). There is no word on the cost of the subscription, but these changes should be made available in the U.S. this fall.

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