Apple releases new 16GB iPod Touch for $229

Apple today released a new iPod Touch sporting a 4″ Retina Display, but lacking a rear-facing camera, wrist loop, and selection of colors.

This latest iPod replaces the older generation 4 models that were Apple’s lower-cost option, bringing the screen and processor up to par with other iDevices sporting Retina Displays and A5 chips.

Did Apple miss the boat by now allowing customers to pick a color like on the more expensive 32GB and 64GB models? I think so. It’s a little surprising to see Apple take the fun out of the iPod Touch by limiting cost-conscious customers to the drab silver backing.

Though lacking many features available in the slightly-more-expensive 32GB and 64GB iPod Touch, Apple now has a handheld gaming console for under $300, which is probably a great position to be in. For a mere $20 more than a Nintendo 3DS XL you can now get a gaming and App powerhouse, with awesome battery life.

Have you been itching for an iPod Touch but couldn’t bite at $300? Does this $70 savings finally put you over the edge? What are you going to do with your new iPod Touch? Let us know!

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