Backed up.

I decided to go with Backblaze as my cloud backup provider. After, literally, multiple weeks of trying to get the issues with DollyDrive resolved I realized that they are just not a provider ready for prime-time. I was absolutely surprised by the complete failure of their service.

After three weeks, I was unable to fully complete a backup, while my 20GB backup with Backblaze finished in just days. DollyDrive’s support was mostly unhelpful, even after a 30 minute screen sharing system where the representative looked over my settings and error logs but was unable to find a cause for the upload failures. DollyDrive would happily proclaim “Backup Completed” despite only 6GB of 20+GB being uploaded over two weeks, and new files on my drive not showing up online after “completion.”

Switching to Backblaze was a fantastic choice. The backups were incredibly easy and fast. It’s pretty much set and forget. You don’t have to touch any settings if you’d rather not, and that’s awesome.

I haven’t needed to test the most important part of a backup service: restoration. I hope that I never do have to test it with Backblaze, but I trust that my files will be there if I need them.

You should sign up.

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