New Dock Connector for all iOS devices this fall?

… I don’t buy it.

iMore claims they have learned that Apple plans to refresh their entire line of iOS devices with new Dock Connector ports this Fall. While I don’t think anyone disputes that we’ll see a new iPhone with a new Dock Connector, I find it really hard to believe that we will see an updated iPad this year. iPad Mini? Maybe. It seems uncharacteristically Apple to make us want to break up with our new, Resolutionary, iPad that came out a short five months ago.

Apple’s release schedule for iOS devices has been mostly regular. A new iPhone and a new iPhone each year. They broke it once for the 4S, but we had to wait four extra months. It wasn’t early, even though I’m sure Apple wanted put Antennagate to rest. No iOS device has come out prior to the previous version by more than two weeks (iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4) so why should they start now? There’s already been incredible disappointment with the potential of a new Dock Connector rendering iPhone and iPad docks and other accessories outdated or unusable with newer devices. Why would Apple break with tradition and alienate their early adopters by releasing a new iPad so soon?

On the other hand, simplicity and consistency are what make Apple the company it is. Pushing the iOS line to a single, newer, connector would keep things simple. Can you imagine having to use and remove a Dock Connector adapter when you want to dock your iPhone and when you want to dock your iPad? Traveling with two power cables or one cable with an adapter would be annoying, for sure. I have iPad charging cables that live throughout my house and one that stays in my bag at all times. That makes things easy and convenient. It’s hard to see Apple forcing us to use different chargers for our iOS devices. The MagSafe power connector for MacBooks has existed (though in different designs) for over six years and continues to work on older and newer MacBooks alike.

So what’s going to happen? Will Apple really release a new iPad just to keep Dock Connectors consistent? I don’t think so. There’s been rumors of new iPhones and iPads coming out before their first birthday for years, but so far Apple hasn’t strayed from their release cycle by releasing something early.

Maybe we’ll see a new charger that will fit smaller Dock Connectors and the current 30-pin connectors and save the adapter for our docks. We’ll find out on September 12.

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