Should Apple make a TV?

Yes. They basically already do. What’s a TV these days, anyway? Isn’t it just a big monitor? Some have fancy apps, like Vizio’s Via, but Apple’s already got something better.

Why wouldn’t they make a TV? It seems like it would be pretty easy to make a “big monitor” and build Apple TV right into it. I bet it’d be pretty cost-prohibitive, though. Apple stuff just isn’t cheap and building it to their own standards would likely require it be incredibly high resolution, super stylish, and priced well above market value. That doesn’t stop people from buying their products now, but would that be different with a TV?

Build quality and customer support is something that sets Apple’s computers far apart in the market, but how valuable is this in a TV? I’ve never had to call customer support for a TV and I’ve never had any problems with the way they’re made. I don’t think people would see that as a true value-added service and be willing to toss a few hundred bucks away for a television.

Would I buy one? Probably. I wouldn’t ditch my current TV for one, but it would definitely be in the running when it’s time to upgrade. I think that’s the problem with TVs. There’s not a ton of room for innovation and I don’t think many people feel the need to buy a new one every couple of years like they do computers. If anyone can find a way to innovate a stagnant market, though, it’d be Apple.

If I had to bet, I’d bet that we don’t see a true Apple TV for a few years. Apple is about doing things differently. I’m not sure what more can be done for the TV market, though.

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